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Carina EM, 350lbs capacity, foldable full body lift, (select Manual or Electrical base)

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With manual or electrical base widening and with standard height or low legs

Carina350 is now available in four new variants with manual or electrical base widening and with standard height or low legs for use with lower beds. All variants feature updated electronics, see below, and are supplied complete and ready to use, fitted with a hand control and with the following accessories and extra equipment as standard:

- SlingBar M, a two-point aluminium sling bar
- SwiftHook, for easy changing of sling bars
- Built-in charging
- Maintenance-free castors, 100 mm/3.9", with bumpers

Carina350EM/EE – common features and advantages

- Stable and secure, still comparatively light-weight
- For users of up to 165 kg/350 lbs
- Collapsible for convenient transportation and storage
- Easy to set up and collapse, without tools or loose parts
- Large lifting range, excellent for low and high lifting
- Encapsulated twin castors - easy rolling and maintenance-free NEW
- Manual or electrical base widening
- Also available with low legs for use with lower beds NEW
- Ergonomic and easy to manoeuvre, prevents work related injuries
- Quick guide on the lift
- Emergency stop button readily available on the control box
- Manual and electrical emergency lowering
- New, ergonomic hand control with 2 (EM) or 4 (EE) buttons NEW
- New battery/control box with diagnostics NEW
- High capacity battery with long service life
- Built-in charging NEW
- Many accessories for safe, easy and individually adapted lifting of users

New battery/control box with diagnostics

- CBJC, from Linak
- New color; light grey instead of two colors
- Fitted with a unique Handicare foil
- Featuring lift counter and overload indicator

New hand control

- Ergonomic and easy-to-use
- 2 (EM) or 4 (EE) buttons; up/down and base width adjustment

Overview of the Carina 350 Patient Lift

The Carina 350 Patient Lift by Handicare is a collapsible, transportable patient lift that combines a durable, safe frame with a lightweight and portable design. The lift features an easy-to-use hand control, making it a breeze to use for the caregiver. The lift also comes standard with a stable steel sling bar and reliable safety latches. The Carina 350 is available in two models: an electrical base widening model and a manual base widening model, with both featuring manual and electrical emergency lowering.
What Makes This Different
The Carina 350, when collapsed, requires very little space compared to other portable patient lifts. When folded down, the lift needs just 14.5” by 25.3” by 49.2” of space to be stored. The Carina 350’s base can be widened with either a foot pedal (the manual base model) or by an option on the hand control (the electrical base model). The easy-to-use hand controls are responsive, meaning the lift stops as soon as the buttons are released.
For a portable patient lift, the Carina 350 features a high lifting height and range, allowing for low and high lifting, seated or lying lifting, and lifting from the floor, bed or chair.
Why We Like It
The portability of the Carina 350 sets it apart from other transport patient lifts, with its ability to reach areas with limited space more easily. The quick, tool-free set up and collapse aids in usability for the caregiver, while the high-capacity batteries ensure that you get more lifts per charge. The grip-friendly handle allows for multiple placement options and has two adjustable heights, taking the strain off of the caregiver to adjust to the lift itself.
What You Need To Know When Ordering
The Carina 350 is ready-to-use out of the box, with no assembly required.

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