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CordLess® Chair Sensor Pad 10"x15"

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Part Number: SMART-GCT-90
Smart Caregiver Wireless Patient Alarm Bed Pad Sensor, 10x15 Wireless Patient Alarm Bed Pad Sensor- The NEW Ghost Cord® cordless pad functions with absolutely no cords between the pad and the monitor! The cordless pad talks to Ghost Cord® cordless TL-2100G, 30A-CMU, 433-CMU and 433-EC monitors using wireless technology (patent pending) with both an audible and visual alert. The wireless pad, now includes the cordless transmitter insert and Ghost Cord® monitor, will trigger the fall alarm when weight is removed from the pad itself. Up to 100 foot range (may vary according to environment) 20" x 30" Features and Benefits Respect patient dignity Reduce tripping hazards No more broken or tangled cords Flexibility in pad and alarm placement Staff members can hear the alarm better How does it work (Note: The TL-2100G or other compatible alarm is required. Sold Separately) Once set up using the instructions provided. Place the wireless bed pad sensor on the patients bed (pelvic area). When weight is applied to the sensor pad the alarm will beep and the alarm is set. When weight is lifted from the bed sensor pad the alarm will sound. The alarm will reset when weight is placed back on the sensor mat or the alarm can be reset by the caregiver.

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