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INSERT Pad CapriPlus "MINI" 5.5"X10.5" ||336 EACH / 28 Bag/ 12Bags/CS

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Your Price: $67.85
Retail Price:$120.25
Your Savings:$52.40(44%)
Part Number: MLBCPE01
Feature: MoliMed Bladder Control Pads
  • Capri Plus™ Bladder Control Pads have a breathable cloth- like outer cover for a dry feeling against the skin
  • Blue acquisition layer, and super-absorbent core locks fluid and keeps it away from the body to help protect the skin
  • Elastic leg gathers and contoured design create a discreet, secure and comfortable fit
  • Available in sizes Regular, 5.5" x 10.5" (7 cm x25 cm); Extra Plus, 6.5" x 13.5" (8 cm x 27 cm; and Ultra Plus, 8" x 17" (8 cm x 33 cm)
Specifications Values
Absorbency 3 of 10
Absorbent Material Curly Fiber w/Fluff & Polymer
Adhesive Strip Yes
Contour Yes
Disposable Yes
Latex Free Yes
Length Inches 10 in
Outer Material Inco Plastic
Packaging Retail
Pad Type Bladder Control Pad

Wetness Indicator No
Width Inches 5.5 in

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