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Joerns UltraCare XT Hospital Low / High Bed with Mattress

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Retail Price:$3,395.00
Your Savings:$445.00(13%)
Part Number: JoernsXT-HB

About the UltraCare XT Bed

The UltraCare XT Bed is a versatile hospital bed which can serve in a variety of different environments. This bed offers multiple positions and a 500-pound maximum weight capacity, making it a practical choice for a variety of patients. This bed’s head, foot, and height adjustments are fully electric for easy operation and reduced demand on the caregiver. Additionally, this bed features Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg positions, which can aid patients with circulatory and respiratory issues. These two positions require use of the Advanced Staff Controls, ensuring patient safety.

The UltraCare XT Bed can be rolled when at any height between 7” and 30”, saving you time especially when in busy environments. Its UltraLock wheels also help to keep the bed safely in place once positioned. This bed features a strong steel frame, and its widely arched legs mean that you can easily get wheelchairs and patient lifts close up to the bed for safer patient transfers. The controls are backlit for easy use, even at night.

This bed offers plenty of customization options. Choose from a 76” or 80” sized bed, and select from four standard head and foot panel colors. You can even choose the control type, bed rail type, and mattress type to ensure that this bed suits your needs.

Why the UltraCare XT Bed Is Right for You

The UltraCare XT Bed is versatile, offering multiple positions that can improve patient caregiving and comfort. The ability to achieve Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg positioning means that you can help improve blood flow, a major benefit to patients who are confined to a bed long-term. With features such as widely arched legs and backlit controls, the UltraCare XT Bed is designed to make caregiving easier and more effective. 

The Details

The UltraCare XT Bed ships free, and financing is available so that you can start enjoying it right away. Thanks to MedMart’s Low Price Guarantee, you’ll know that you will be getting this bed for the lowest price anywhere.

Features :

  • Capable of Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg positions
  • Decorative head and foot panels are standard
  • Light up, back lit controls for safety and ease of use

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