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Sit-to-stand MiniLift 160kg /350lbs w/Battery and Charger

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Part Number: Hand60300012Minilift160


MiniLift is a mobile sit-to-stand lift developed for helping users, as gently as possible, to rise from a seated to a standing position. Used in combination with the right accessories, the user gets support under the feet, for knees and lower legs and behind the back. This provides for a secure and safe sit-to-stand procedure.

To be able to understand how comfortable MiniLift is compared with other sit-to-stand devices on the market, MiniLift must be tried! The movement of the lift arm is designed so that the pulling motion ends comfortably in the lower back, which prevents the sit-to-stand vest from riding up under the arms.
MiniLift provides for a natural and active sit-to-stand procedure where the user exercises both leg muscles and balance. MiniLift is made from steel, giving strength and stability.
 Easily adjustable lift arm
 Easily operated
 Grip-friendly handle. Sevral options for hand placement
 Suitable for users weighing up to 160kg / 350 lbs
 Unique, natural sit-to-stand pattern
 Adjustable, soft support for the lower legs
 Low footplate
 Small and convenient
 Lockable wheels
Safe working load Max.125 kg/275 lbs
User height: Min.140 cm/55.1”, max. 200 cm/77.7”
Lifting speed:15 mm/s (0.6”/s) without load
Emergency loweringMechanical and electrical
Weight:39 kg/85.9 lbs

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